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The New Bowman Game Trailer

When it comes to clay traps,
Bowman’s are designed to perform and engineered to last.

As a specialist clay pigeon trap manufacturer, we offer you more than clay traps. We design and manufacture them ourselves so we have an intimate understanding of how they work and perform. With our before and after sales service we can use this knowledge to help you get the most from our traps.

Why buy Bowman Traps?

Bowman traps offer you the ultimate shooting experience with traps designed for supreme performance with:

• Traps available for all disciplines
• Easy and quick changes of a clay’s trajectory (no need for a spanner)
• Absolute flexibility across the elevation to give maximum trajectory options
• Quick and easy changes of trap tension (no need for a spanner) to increase or reduce a clay’s distance
• Supreme quality casting aluminium bodies to absorb vibrations and reduce clay breakage
• Superior safety features including locking mechanisms
• Positive trigger releases and yellow ring guards
• Flexibility across the range with interchangeable parts
• The ability to make bespoke machines for customers.

Trade and export pricing on request.

We are actively seeking Agents throughout the world for our products - contact us


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Sorry were not quite ready for you, if you’re interested in:

• Flurry Master Trailer
• Big Foot DTL Trailer
• 3 trap game trailers
• Grouse Trailer
• Simulated game
• Compact Rabbit Chondel
• SPM6 Battue
• Upside down clay

Please call our office on 01777 870 243 We have pictures and information we can email you directly

Kind Regards the team at Bowmans

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