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The Bowman Multi-Clay System



Innovative Technology

True Versatility

Bowman Reliability 

The roller system on our multi-clay traps accept different sizes of clay without any need for adjustment. This is extremely advantageous over standard knife splitting traps that require adjustment.

Our system uses inserts to change the hoppers of the carousel. No inserts = standard clay. Midi insert  = midi clay and so on… We have Midi, 70mm and mini inserts available. You receive free inserts with your purchase!

A brilliant purchase for home use, our traps give you more variety and versatility from your purchase. Never outperform or outgrow your trap!

Keep your sporting layouts fresh with the ability to change targets at a cost effect price. The cost of inserts are cheaper than buying a brand new trap! Put on a mini target one month and then change it back to a standard the next without the need to purchase a dedicated mini trap. 

Fast becoming the most popular trap in simulated game because the flight paths a mixed carousel gives is the most authentic representation of live game!

Our Multi – Clay machines are robust and reliable therefore as with all of our automatics we offer a 3-Year warranty.