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Pip has been so pleased with our products that he wanted to share his experience with our customers to explain just what he has been able to achieve with his Bowman set up – here’s what Pip had to say…

I started my Bowman journey with a ‘Mini Game Trailer’ which I bought in 2014 and what an extraordinary piece of kit that was … it introduced me to the endless possibilities available with the Supermatch One. The game trailer is a truly superb machine, well able to keep a small team of guns busy all day.

Since that purchase I have slowly been building up the collection and I know have in addition to the game trailer, a Supermatch One on an oscillating base (on a ‘Quad Barrow’), and a Supermatch One on a ‘Tilt Base’ (on Quad Barrow). I found this to be an extraordinary versatile and highly portable set of traps. I have been able to do shooting days for family and friends – the last day being 24 guns/shooters and was able to present them multiple types of target in the morning (including different sizes of clay) and finish up with some spectacular drives/flushes over 4 man teams in the afternoon. I have also purchased Radio Trap Releases in various combinations which enable me, among other things, to press one button to start a variable sequence of clays from all four traps and thus allow me to join in the shooting rather than just control the traps.

Last year I purchased a Compact Rabbit Chondel (also on a ‘Quad Barrow’) and this really is a fantastic addition. With this set of traps I have been able to put on family days, friends competitions, church days (I lead a church in London), just enjoy them myself, teach people and I am easily able to transport the kit anywhere I wish. I have found that the various Supermatch One setups and the Rabbit Chondel have given me the ability to put up any sort of target or target array that I can think of, my imagination being the only limit. Not only is the equipment robust and extremely reliable but it is also very easy to service and keep in good working order.

Lastly but by no means least, the Bowman Company itself … it has been a joy to deal with Andrew, Melanie, Nick and the team – they are always extremely helpful, always interested in how their traps are performing and always assist with any technical queries. It is a joy to me to be able to buy a piece of high quality equipment that is so versatile and has given so many people so much pleasure from a family run, UK based company. Every time I call I am reminded of the advantages of buying something made by Bowman, the fact that there is always an enthusiast who made my traps at the end of a line who is always willing to help with what ever enquiry or improvement I’m trying to make, makes the whole experience even better. I have no doubt that clay shooting is going to grow and grow … what with the pressures on other types of shooting and the ability to present so many types of target with these modern traps.

I have always been taught that in order to highlight the positives in something it is wise to point out some minor flaws … in the Bowman equipment that I have and the Bowman team whom I have encountered, I have yet to find anything to quibble about.

Pip Earl January 2021


Pip’s set up including Mini Game Trailer, two Supermatch 1’s and Compact Rabbit Chondel

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