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ABT Base

Our heavy-duty American Ball Trap (ABT) bases are most popular in the following set ups and include a 200m radio release:

  • Supermatch 6
  • Supermatch 6 Multi-clay
  • Supermatch 8 Pictured
  • Supermatch 8 multi-clay


  • Heavy duty motor and gearboxes
  • Slow rotation 8rpm
  • Tilt function for level flight
  • Gas dampers for smooth rotation
  • Width of spread and height can be adjusted on the cam wheels
  • 40mm swivel base with bronze bearings for added strength

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With a 200m range you can control left to right & up and down movement of your trap in the following ways:

  • By tapping the left/right or up/down button your trap will move in small increments; ideal for positioning a clay to fire through a small gap.
  • By holding the left/right or up/down button for 4 seconds the trap will begin to move continuously left and right and or up and down. If the trap is not fired for 5 minutes the movement will stop.
  • By turning on the timer interrupter switch on the ABT base, every time the trap is fired it will move left to right and up and down (with random pauses) for 15 seconds giving a random firing pattern.

Perfect for High towers –  Alter the traps firing direction safely with the press of a button from 200m range and have complete randomisation of clay direction for the ultimate shooting experience.

What You Receive

  • Heavy duty ABT base
  • 200m wireless radio control and receiver
  • 3-Year Warranty

Optional Add-Ons



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