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Big Foot DTL

  • Fires in all angles for true versatility
  • Multi-Clay (3 inserts included)
  • Realistic representation of game birds
  • Traps can be linked and towed in a line.
  • 300 clay capacity
  • Re-cocking time of 1.5 seconds
  • Supermatch 8 power (150m)
  • 94mph standard Clay
  • 102mph midi clay
  • Elevation up to 75-degree springing teal
  • High Tensile aluminium casting reduces vibration and breakages
  • Tilt 40-degrees left to right – (fast adjustment – no spanners)
  • Hard wired circuitry and thermal overload protection
  • Heavy duty motor and gear box

 DTL radio £290.00 (+VAT)

Flush systems to control multiple traps available

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Our speciality is simulated game and we promote the use of individual traps. Spread out in a line gives the most flexibility to create different drives and covers more guns. Using the Big Foot DTL in this fashion is a very popular set up favoured by many shoots across the UK.

The Big Foot DTL re-loads every 1.5 seconds and has a powerful 150m throw putting standard clays out at 94mph and midi clays at 102mph. It’s a Multi-Clay machine which gives the best presentation of clays to replicate game birds. Put standard, midi or a mixture of clays in the carousel, this trap throws them all! Learn more about Multi-Clay.

Unlike Standard DTL bases that offer tilt to true the flight of the clay, the Big Foot has a Sporting DTL base which allows you to tilt the trap 40 degrees left and right meaning you will have full flexibility to offer curling targets.

The Big foot has elevation from flat to springing teal. This superior elevation will allow you to put on pigeon roosting, crop protection and duck flighting drives. 3 Big Foot DTL traps will entertain a line of 8 guns.

Operated via wireless remote control – we have a wide range of flush radios to suit your needs. Wireless Radios

Our DTL base has a time interrupter that initiates movement every time the trap is fired (15 seconds with random pauses). This is how our flush radios operate movement of the trap which helps minimise battery wastage.

The trailer includes 3 midi inserts and a 110amp hr leisure battery as standard.

What You Receive

  • Big Foot DTL
  • 3 inserts of choice (midi recommended)
  • Specialised Quad barrow with Big Foot Tyres (includes: battery tray & strap, foot and mast for radio, tow ball included for multiple purchases)
  • 110amp hr leisure battery
  • Safety ring
  • 3 year warranty

Optional Add-Ons