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Compact 150 Sporting Bundle

  • 2 x Compact 150 traps
  • Sporting 2 wireless radio control
  • Replicate sporting stands
  • Sim or report pairs
  • 300 clay combined capacity
  • Easy lever lock elevation to springing teal 75 Degrees
  • Easy adjustable spring tension to increase or reduce power
  • Hard wired circuitry with 30 AMP fuse

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This popular package will allow you to replicate a typical sporting stand and practice those tricky combinations encountered at the clay grounds. The benefit of using our compact 150 trap means that you will be able to keep shooting without refilling your traps so often with a combined 300 clay capacity.

The Sporting 2 Radio has a 200m range that doesn’t need line of sight to operate. It gives you complete freedom around the traps without trailing wires. You will be able to control both traps individually for pairs on report and also fire the traps together for a sim pair.

For in depth detail of the Compact 150and Sporting 2 radio release please visit their individual product pages.

The compact 150 is a popular trap for home use / coaches or clubs. Due to its full range of elevation up to 75°, the Compact 150 can recreate all targets typically encountered at clubs and shooting grounds including: going away, incoming, crossing, quartering and teal targets.

What You Receive

  • 2 x Bowman compact 150’s
  • 2 x mini barrows
  • 2 x safety rings
  • sporting 2 radio and receivers
  • 3-year warranty

Optional Add-Ons


Bowman Compact 150