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Compact DTL Base

  • Transforms your shooting experience
  • Practice sporting targets
  • Compatible with Supermatch 1, Compact 150 and Supermatch 6 (300 capacity)
  • Adjust width of spread with a simple adjustment
  • (Base only)


This accessory will transform your shooting experience! Our Compact DTL base ensures you wont be shooting at the same target twice. With a flick of a switch your trap with move from left to right continuously giving a wider range of targets. Ideal for driven targets, DTL practice or shooting with friends. 

The base is compatible with the Bowman Supermatch 1, Compact 150 and Supermatch 6 (300 Capacity).

The base runs off the same battery as your trap  and the width of spread can be adjusted from narrow to wide (17mm spanner required).


What You Receive

  • Compact DTL Base
  • Required Bolts, washers and nuts for fixing
  • 3 Year Warranty

Optional Add-Ons