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Downhill Thrower

  • 300 clay capacity (400 available on request)
  • Re-cocking time of 1.5 seconds
  • Available in Standard, Midi or Mini Carousel
  • 100m throwing distance for standard clays (SPM6)
  • 150m throwing distance for standard clays (SPM8)
  • Capable of throwing a downhill bird to 70-degress and elevation to springing teal 75-degrees
  • Left to right tilt of 40-degrees
  • High tensile aluminium casting reduces clay breakages
  • Ideal for towers, quarries and valleys.
  • Heavy duty motor and gearbox
  • 3 – Year Warranty

Available in Multi-Clay << Click Here

Supermatch 8 version available

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The Bowman Downhill thrower is designed to the same specifications as the Supermatch series making this a very reliable and durable trap.

The ability to elevate and descend is created by a unique base that has moved away from the traditional Bowman base, however, maintains all the useful features of the lever lock system meaning you will not require any spanners for your adjustments. Angle your trap down to 70° or elevate all the way up to springing teal (75°); it also has tilt function to create curling targets. This trap is fantastic mounted on towers where you can send a driven clay down to the ground at speed which is rarely encountered on a sporting layout.

With simulated game becoming extremely popular in the UK, this trap is  also ideal for replicating driven birds that follow the contours of valleys.

If you require a barrow for the Downhill trap our Bowman Quad is most suitable to allow full use of the tilt function.

What You Receive

  • 1 x downhill thrower
  • 50-meter push button cable release
  • Safety ring
  • Barrow NOT included
  • 3-year warranty

Optional Add-Ons