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Extending Axle Barrow

£195.00 (+VAT)

  • Ideal for the Supermatch 6 and 8 on tilting base
  • Allows full use of tilting function with excellent stability
  • Ideal for small storage spaces with detachable handles
  • Large wheels for easy movement over uneven ground




The Extending Axle Barrow is suitable for the Supermatch 6 and 8 with tilt base. The barrows ability to extend its axle allows the trap to use its full tilt potential (40 degrees L&R) while remaining completely stable and avoiding tipping.

The barrow then returns to a compact size ideal for small storage spaces. This barrow benefits from detachable handles and has large wheels suitable for travelling over uneven ground.


What You Receive

  • Extending Axle Barrow
  • Ground Spikes for stability
  • bolts, washers and nuts suitable for trap purchased

Optional Add-Ons