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Flurry Master

  • Most popular trap for simulated Game!
  • Multi-Clay (includes 3 inserts of choice)
  • Realistic representation of game birds
  • Traps can be linked and towed in a line.
  • Two traps entertain up to 8 guns!!
  • Supermatch 8 power (150m)
  • 94mph standard Clay
  • 102mph midi clay
  • 300 clay capacity
  • Adjustable seat
  • Re-cocking time of 1.5 seconds
  • Fire button incorporated into the movement handle
  • Tilt 40° left and right (fast adjustment – no spanners)
  • High tensile aluminium frame reduces clay breakage
  • Can be used with wireless radio (not included)


  • Optional detachable mud guards

Pictured with optional mudguards

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The Flurry Master is a multi-clay model of our powerful Supermatch 8, it has a powerful 150m throw putting standard clays out at 94mph and midi clays at 102mph.

A Multi-Clay Machine, gives you the best presentation of clays for simulated game. Put standard, midi or a mixture of clays in the carousel, this trap throws them all! Learn more about Multi-Clay.

Multi-clay also gives you the most flexibility to replicate different types of live game. Use standard clays to replicate a pheasant drive and switch to midi clays to represent a fast Partridge or Woodcock.

The Flurry Master fires a clay every 1.5 seconds and has carousel options of 150 / 300. It can tilt left and right 40° using our easy lever lock system giving you the option to send out curling clays.

The trap can be operated in two ways.

  1. Have a trapper sat on the trailer with the ability to move the trap left, right, up and down and control the rate of fire using the fire button on the handlebar.
  2. Locked in a fixed position (the trap also has a tilting base) and fired from a 50m cable or wireless radio release.

Because the rotation of this trap is manual, it has a wider spread compared to that of automatic DTL machines. Paired with the fast re-cocking speed the flurry master can entertain a line of 3/4 guns.

The flurry master is well balanced and easy to move into position and because it is manually operated, the trappers can focus on specific areas of the shooting line and tailor targets to the needs of the guns.

The trailer includes 3 midi inserts and a 110amp hr leisure battery as standard.

What You Receive

  • 1 x Flurry Master
  • 1 x safety ring
  • 3 x inserts of choice
  • 1 x 110amp hr battery
  • 3 year warranty

Optional Add-Ons


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