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Flush 6

£670.00 (+VAT)

  • controls 6 traps for a compak layout
  • includes 6 receivers
  • 3 x pre-programmed flushes


The Flush 6 Box is used to control up to 6 traps for a Compak layout. There are also 3 flush sequences pre-programmed into the box. The exact flush patterns are on the label on the underside of the box.

The A to F buttons will fire the traps, even during a flush. This allows No-Birds to be repeated if necessary.

The Flush switch selects one of three flush sequences. The 25 bird 4 trap is intended for 1 gun, and only throws a pair. The 50 bird 5 trap and 50 bird 6 trap are intended for 2-4 guns and throws triples and quadruples as well as singles and pairs.

The start button starts the selected flush sequence after 3 short pips. The stop button stops the flush with a long beep. Pressing start again will start the flush from the beginning. At the end of the flush sequence the box will sound a buzzer.

The speed knob allows the speed of the flush to be adjusted. This is handy when the number of guns is different. A two man flush needs to be slower than a four man flush for instance. Each flush will be exactly the same, so long as the speed knob i9s kept in the same place. This allows for prize money flushes, with no arguments about the birds being different.

What You Receive

1 x six channel transmitter

6 x receivers

Optional Add-Ons



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