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Grouse Trailer

  • 6 grouse traps mounted
  • 120 metre throwing distance for standard clays
  • 150 clay capacity per trap 900 clay total
  • Choose between Standard or midi carousel traps (midi is the popular choice)
  • Elevation from horizontal to springing teal with no spanners required
  • 200m radio range
  • Radio release can fire traps individually / has a ‘fire all’ button and Flush options
  • Left to right movement in unison simulating a tight group of grouse
  • Use pre-set flushes up to 150 birds with the ability to control speed
  • Quick release aerial mast for transportation
  • Charge all batteries simultaneously from one 13-amp socket (trickle chargers and charging cable included)
  • Includes trap covers
  • Fully Galvanised to prevent rust
  • Manitou slots and safety chains included
  • Battery isolators for ultimate safety around the trailer

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While game trailers or a fleet of individual traps will replicate grouse well, this specific trailer is the ultimate machine for replicating grouse when they fly in tight packs.

Game Trailers and individual traps move independently therefore it’s easy for them to become out of sync. Our Grouse trailer has six traps that move in unison and fire a group of six clays all at once. Being able to throw a tight group of clays at once gives spectacular visuals for the shooting line.

The traps can be fired individually, as pre-set flushes or in packs of six.

Our Grouse Trailer will entertain 2 grouse butts or a line of 4/5 guns. The traps can be built to throw standard clays or midi clays on request. We would advise selecting midi carousels as midi clays best represent a fast grouse target.

Our Grouse traps are a unique design that enables them to be light weight to support easy movement and hitching but will also withstand a strong spring capable of 120m throwing distances. The trailer is side firing and has Manitou slots built into the frame so the trailer can be raised into the air.

What You Receive

  • 1 x Grouse Trailer
  • 7 x 110 amp hr batteries
  • Trap covers
  • Radio release with 3 double radio receivers
  • Charger
  • 3 year warranty

Optional Add-Ons