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Ifor Game Trailer

  • This trailer uses our top specification Big Foot DTL << Click to view
  • The most versatile simulated set up on the market!
  • Road Legal Ifor Williams Trailer and ramps
  • Host at other venues
  • Quick and easy set up and take down times
  • Replicates various types of quarry
  • Multi-Clay Technology
  • 110 amp hr battery, 3 inserts and safety ring included with each trap.
  • Tow multiple traps in a line
  • Supermatch 8 power and reliability – 150m distance
  • High tensile aluminium frames reduce clay breakages
  • Horizontal to 75 degree elevation (teal)
  • 40 degree tilt left / right
  • No spanners Required for trap adjustments
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • 1 mile radio control system
  • Create endless flush sequences
  • Heavy duty motor and gearboxes
  • Hard wired circuitry
  • 3 year warranty

3, 4, 5, Trap Ifor Game Trailers available

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Breaking the Mould!

The benefits of using individual traps spread out in a line gives a fantastic flurry of clays, with the added bonus of covering more guns and being flexible for other uses.

Game Days

Create driven targets and much more, including: duck flighting, pigeon decoying, roosting and curling birds with superior tilt and elevation.

On the Road

Host sim days at other venues

Each trap fixes into the trailer at two points with the use of tow balls and sockets – no straps required. With space in the trailer for clays and other essentials you will have an efficient and professional set up ready to go anywhere!

Compared to our 3 trap Game Trailer (3-4 guns) our 3 trap Ifor Trailer can entertain a line of 6 guns.


What You Receive

  • Converted Ifor Williams Trailer (location sockets, tow ball fix points and ramps)
  • 3 x Big Foot DTL Traps (including radio mast)
  • Flush radio system
  • 3 x 110amp hr batteries and straps
  • Trickle charger for batteries
  • Safety rings
  • 3 year Warranty

Optional Add-Ons