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Low Profile Barrow

£135.00 (+VAT)

  • Suitable for Supermatch 1, Compact 150 and non tilting traps
  • detachable handles for small spaces
  • Large tyres to cope with uneven ground


Our low profile barrow is suitable to be paired with the Supermatch 1, Compact 150 and Supermatch 6 & 8 traps that have a standard non tilting base.

The low profile barrow has large wheels that make travelling across uneven ground easier. The handles are detachable, making this barrow great for limited storage spaces.

The low profile barrow is not suitable for traps that have a tilting base, as the wheels become restrictive. Please see our other barrows if you are purchasing a trap with tilting base.

What You Receive

  • Low profile barrow
  • Ground spikes for stability
  • Bolts, washers and nuts suitable for trap purchased

Optional Add-Ons