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Mini Barrow

£80.00 (+VAT)

  • Designed for use with the Supermatch 1 or Compact 150
  • Ideal for the garden or to be transported in a vehicle
  • Detachable handle
  • Compact & Lightweight 


Our Mini Barrow is compact and lightweight. It pairs well with the Bowman Supermatch 1 or Compact 150.

We recommend this barrow if you want to transport your trap in the back of a standard vehicle. To be most effective, this barrow is best suited when there is a short distance between storage and the intended shooting area. Land should be relatively flat e.g. lawn or field.

Please consider our other barrow options if you plan to move your trap greater distances or have rough terrain.


What You Receive

  • Bowman Mini Barrow
  • Ground spikes for stability
  • 4 x M10x30 bolts, washers & nuts for securing your trap.

Optional Add-Ons