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Morris Counting System


  • User friendly
  • Pay and Play systems can support in increasing revenue
  • Each box controls 1-6 traps
  • Clear display
  • The layout can be either wired or wireless or a combination of both.
  • Used at many Premier grounds in the UK and Overseas.


The counter system consists of shooting station boxes at each layout, smart plug counters which the shooter takes round with them, a club house box which is used to zero the counter and audits the clay usage.
1 x shooting station box controls 1-6 traps. A large, sunlight readable, 3 digit display shows the number of clays when a counter is plugged in. Clays are thrown when a valid counter is present and a button is pressed.
For the lone shooter, there is a delay switch. With the delay on, clays are released after a 4 second count down. Following, simulated, on report pairs as well as triples / quads can be thrown by simply pressing the buttons in the order they are required. For instance pressing A then B, will give A with B on report. Pressing A,B and C together gives a triple.


What You Receive

  • Shooting station boxes (amount as required)
  • Smart plug counters (amount as required)
  • Club house box

Optional Add-Ons



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