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Multi-Clay Traps

Supermatch 6 and  8 Multi-Clay 

  • Most versatile traps on the market
  • Capable of throwing standard, midi, 70mm and mini clays.
  • 3 free inserts included (SPM6 300 clay capacity)
  • 4 free inserts included (SPM8 400 clay capacity)
  • Re-cocking time 1.5 seconds
  • Quick alteration between clay sizes
  • Tilt bases offering 40 degree tilt left and right
  • Quick release handles – No spanner’s required
  • Horizontal to springing teal elevation
  • Hard wired circuitry
  • Heavy duty motor and gear boxes
  • 3-year warranty

Compact Rabbit Chondel Multi-Clay 

  • Most versatile trap on the market
  • Capable of throwing standard, midi, 70mm, mini and Rabbit clays
  • Fur and feather targets from 1 trap!
  • 300 clay capacity
  • Re-cocking time of 1.5 seconds
  • 3 free inserts included
  • Quick alteration between clay sizes
  • Quick alteration between looping and Rabbit targets
  • Quick release handles – no spanner’s required
  • Hard wired circuitry
  • Heavy duty motor and gear boxes
  • 3-year warranty

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Our Multi-Clay Traps are the most versatile machines on the market, they offer exceptional variety and value for money.

The Multi-Clay design is simple and robust – our roller system is proven to be very hard wearing.

In production since 2014!

Used Worldwide!

Supermatch 6 and 8

Converting a conventional clay trap from standard clays to midi’s is a big task. This includes purchase of a new carousel and adjusting the knives.

With our Multi-Clay design converting the trap from standards to midi’s is as simple as adding inserts into the carousel which takes minutes. Not only that we manufacture inserts for 70mm and mini clays too.

Our roller system will except any size clay meaning you can mix the carousel with different clay sizes! Perfect for simulated game, practising at home, team flushes and much more.

Compact Rabbit Chondel Multi-Clay 

We recommend this trap for home use, clay clubs and simulated game rabbit mania drives.

As with our standard Compact Rabbit Chondel, this machine is lightweight, offers a quick change over between rabbits and loopers and throws a fantastic clay.

Changing between rabbits and loopers is achieved by altering the elevation (horizontal for rabbits, elevated for loopers) and adjusting 4 straps integrated into the safety disc – this takes minutes!

However this Multi-Clay version has a few very exciting features!

When in looper mode, mixing the carousel with varying clay sizes produces targets of varying trajectories which is brilliant fun to shoot…especially the mini’s.

Whilst in rabbit mode, filling the carousel with a mixture of rabbit and midi clays produces alternating fur and feather targets, which is again very entertaining.

Perfect for …

Simulated Game 

Varying clay sizes during the drives gives the most realistic presentation.

Clay Grounds & Clubs 

Offers exceptional value for money. Keeps your sporting layouts fresh and versatile without the needs to purchase excess traps.

Home Use

Has the ability to adapt as your skill level increases.

What You Receive

  • 1 x multi-clay trap of choice
  • 3 free inserts of choice (SPM6&Compact Rabbit)
  • 4 free inserts of choice (SPM8)
  • 50-metre push button cable release
  • Safety Ring (SPM 6 & 8)
  • 3-year warranty
  • Compact Rabbit Chondel Includes a barrow

Optional Add-Ons


Andrew Talks – Compact Rabbit Chondel M/C

Compact Rabbit Chondel Multi-Clay