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Radio – Flush 2

Option 1 – £225.00 (+VAT) pictured

Option 2 – 300.00 +(VAT)

  • 200m wireless range
  • Doesn’t require line of sight with the trap to function
  • Fire A, B or Pairs
  • 3 x Pre set flushes
  • Control flush speed
  • Quality and Robust
  • Handset powered by P9 battery
  • Receiver powered by the trap battery



Forget trailing wires and limitations, the Flush 2 radio has 200m wireless range that doesn’t need line of sight!  Hide your traps behind walls and trees for that realistic clay presentation

This Radio set up gives you the ability to control 2 traps wirelessly. The handset has 3 fire buttons – Trap A, Trap B and Pairs. It also has 3 pre-set flushes for 10, 20 and 30 clays which can be started by the push of a button. The flush speed can be controlled.

Option 1 – single receiver 

This radio option has been designed for the Mini Game Trailer, it has 1 receiver that controls 2 traps in close proximity to each other. We can’t recommend this product enough as it really brings the trap to life! Place the Mini Game Trailer on a bank, walk down to the bottom and set a flush going and enjoy a rapid flurry of targets.

Option 2 – two receivers

Designed to control any two traps that do not need to be in close proximity, great for crossing targets.

We supply the best quality radios from Morris Electronics, designed to withstand all weather conditions and give you the best signal range.

What You Receive

  • Flush 2 handset
  • 1 receiver (option 1)
  • 2 receivers (option 2)
  • Battery included
  • Instructions

Optional Add-Ons