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Radio – Sporting Double

£230.00 (+VAT)

  • Use the radio to change from doubles to singles
  • 200m wireless range
  • excellent for coaching
  • Handset powered by P9 battery
  • Receiver powered by the trap battery


The sporting double radio is a fantastic accessory for the Bowman Sporting Double Trap .

It allows the user to switch the trap from firing singles and doubles via the wireless radio control. This is especially useful for coaches who do not want to leave their client to make this adjustment on the trap.

The radio has a 200m wireless range that doesn’t require line of sight. We supply the best quality radios from Morris Electronics, designed to withstand all weather conditions and give you the best signal range.

What You Receive

  • Sporting Double Radio and Receiver
  • Battery included

Optional Add-Ons



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