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Sporting DTL Base

A revolutionary upgrade to our standard DTL bases, the Sporting DTL base has been created to offer 40 degree tilt capabilities to work alongside the oscillating function. This means that compared to standard DTL bases that offer tilt to true the flight of the clay, this base allows the user to send curling clays. The tilt functions works in all degrees of elevation and is a game changer for the sporting and simulated world of clay shooting.

Our heavy duty Sporting Down the Line (DTL) bases are most popular in the following set ups and include a 200m radio release:

  • Supermatch 6
  • Supermatch 6 Multi-clay
  • Supermatch 8
  • Supermatch 8 multi-clay


  • Heavy duty motor and gearbox
  • Slow rotation 8rpm
  • Tilt function 40 degrees left and right
  • Gas dampers for smooth rotation
  • Width of spread can be adjusted on the cam wheels
  • 40mm swivel base with bronze bearings for added strength

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With a 200m range you can control left to right movement of your trap in the following ways:

  • By tapping the left /right button your trap will move in small increments.
  • By holding the left or right button for 4 seconds the trap will begin to move continuously left and right. If the trap is not fired for 5 minutes the movement will stop.
  • By turning on the timer interrupter switch on the DTL base, every time the trap is fired it will move left to right (with random pauses) for 15 seconds giving a random firing pattern.

The Sporting DTL base has increased flexibility over the standard DTL base as it allows you to tilt your trap 40 degrees left and right. This creates fantastic curling targets whilst still being able to oscillate the trap left to right.  

What You Receive

  • Sporting DTL Base
  • Radio control
  • Radio receiver
  • 3- year Warranty

Optional Add-Ons



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