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Sporttrap Simplified

£650.00 (+VAT)

  • Simple operation
  • Controls 5 traps
  • Power via battery or Aux Socket
  • Supplied with 5 receivers


Take the stress out of Sporttrap with this simplified wireless radio control.

The Sporttrap simplified controls 5 traps, A to E. The sequence from the menu boards is built into the box. The user simply has to press the buttons in order, from left to right such that the correct sequence is thrown.

The unit can be powered in two ways. Either from an internal 9v battery, or from the Aux Power socket. Both can be present at the same time. The Power LED will light when a button is pressed to indicate operation. Aux Power socket accepts 7 to 30Vdc, pin 1 = pos, Pin E = neg.

What You Receive

1 x Sporttrap Simplified control panel

5 x Receivers (A to E)

Optional Add-Ons



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