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Super 2000

  • Trap weight of 13.5Kg or 22Kg with the optional tripod stand.
  • Throws standards, midis and mini targets all from the standard arm without adjustments.
  • Four different spring strengths are available: 150 metre red spring – 135 metre black spring – 100 metre white spring – 80 metre yellow spring
  • 75 metres for double rising targets with the black spring.
  • Easily transported and set up.
  • Bearings protected from the elements with two mechanical seals.
  • Elevation from horizontal to 35° can be adjusted quickly and easily.
  • Performs double and single rise throwing.
  • Designed for easy operation with lever cocking.
  • Safety as standard with a positive trigger release.

Single / Double Battue conversions available

Safety Ring available as an optional extra

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The Bowman Super 2000 is our top of the range manual clay pigeon trap.

It features a three quarter semi re-cocking action combined with a lever which allows you to cock the trap easily, with one hand, in am simple smooth movement. This allows the user to re-cock the trap faster without becoming tired over long periods of time.

The trap can be used with a variety of spring powers making it ideal for home training as well as corporate entertainment.
Due to its simple features, portability and independence from a battery the Super 2000 is extremely reliable and a popular choice for simulated game. The trap is capable of throwing a standard clay 150m. Its easy to present a varied range of targets as the trap can throw various sizes of clay including standard, midi, 70mm and mini. The height can easily be adjusted by a simple lever lock system. The direction of the clay is controlled by placing it at different positions of the arm prior to firing the clay.

What You Receive

  • Super 2000 clay pigeon trap
  • 3 Year Warranty

Optional Add-Ons