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Supermatch 1 Bundle

  • Most reliable and versatile set up on market
  • Sporting times (June 2018) top choice for entry level trap
  • Fires a clay every 0.9 seconds
  • Swap between standard and midi clays in under a minute
  • Superior elevation angles up to Springing Teal! 75 Degrees
  • Simple to maintain
  • Includes Mini Barrow
  • Easy adjustments with lever lock handles
  • Wireless radio with 200m range
  • Left to right DTL movement

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The Supermatch 1 is the only entry level trap on the market that uses a high tensile cast aluminium frame. The construction of this trap including its quality motor, gearbox and hard wired circuitry make it excellent value for money. It is reliable, easy to maintain and offered with a 3-year warranty.

Our Supermatch 1 bundle is our most popular home set up, giving you all the accessories, you need to make your clay shooting experience the best it can be.

The Sporting 1 Radio has a 200m range that doesn’t need line of sight to operate. It gives you complete freedom around the trap without trailing wires. 

The Supermatch 1 can fire a clay every 0.9 seconds giving you a fast-following pair or a flurry of targets if you hold down the fire button continuously. The compact DTL base moves the trap left to right giving you a nice variation in clay direction as the trap is fired.

For in depth detail of the Supermatch 1, Compact DTL base  please visit their individual product pages.


What You Receive

  • Supermatch 1
  • 2 x hoppers for firing standard and midi clays
  • Mini Barrow (including ground spikes)
  • Spares kit
  • Safety Ring
  • Compact DTL base
  • Sporting 1 Radio
  • 3 Year Warranty

Optional Add-Ons


Top Value Clay Trap