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Supermatch 6 Left Hand

  • Trap weight of 55Kg
  • 300 clay capacity (other specifications available on request)
  • Re-cocking time of 1.5 seconds
  • 100-meter throwing distance for standard clays
  • Unique 2 stage lever lock handle for elevation up to 75-degree springing teal
  • High Tensile aluminium casting reduces vibration and breakages
  • Tilt base up to 40-degrees left to right
  • Hard wired circuitry with 40 AMP fuse
  • Heavy duty motor and gear box

Available in standard, midi or mini carousel

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The Bowman Supermatch Six Left hand trap is a popular variation of our standard SPM6 trap. The left hander has all of the great features of the standard 6 making it a reliable and sturdy machine. Adjustment of the trap, including: spring tension, elevation and tilt can be done without the use of spanners using our lever lock system. The electric components are designed to be uncomplicated therefore routine maintenance and repair is simple. The main frame is high tensile cast aluminium, making the trap strong and durable. We use only the best quality motor and gearbox from a manufacturer that we have trusted for over 10+ years ensuring that your trap stands the test of time.

The left hander is ideal for shooting grounds and clubs wanting to put on a full variety of targets for their customers. As the clay fires from the left hand side it puts a different spin on the clay resulting in the target having a new presentation rarely seen at shooting grounds. Paired side by side with a standard trap you can achieve an awesome crossing sim pair.

It throws a standard clay 100m and is versatile in its ability to present a wide array of targets. Being able to elevate from horizontal to springing teal (75°) and tilt 40° from left to right it can send out beautiful steep curling targets at its extreme.

The left hander pairs well with our low profile extending axle or quad barrows that allows full use of the tilt function while retaining stability.

What You Receive

  • 1 x Supermatch six left hand (300 clay capacity)
  • 50-meter push button cable release
  • Safety ring
  • Barrow NOT included
  • 3-year warranty

Optional Add-Ons