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Supermatch 1

  • Trap weight of 24Kg
  • 65 clay capacity
  • Re-cocking time of 0.9 seconds
  • 80m throwing distance for standard clays and 90m for midi’s
  • Easy lever lock elevation to springing teal (75 Degrees!)
  • Easy adjustable spring tension to increase or reduce power
  • High Tensile aluminium casting reduces vibration and breakages
  • Hard wired circuitry with a 30 AMP fuse

 Mini and Battue conversion kits available

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The Supermatch One has been in production for 15+ years, it’s tried, tested and very reliable. Not seen in other entry level traps on the market, the Supermatch One has a high tensile cast aluminium frame which is the secret to its longevity. Coupled with a reliable motor & gearbox and hard wired circuitry this machine is designed to last.

It was selected in 2018 as the best entry level trap on the market for price and robustness by Charles Holland in Shooting Times.

Typically for home use or at a clay ground as a training aid, the Supermatch One can replicate various targets typically encountered at clubs and shooting grounds. Recreate going away, incoming, crossing, quartering and teal targets.

Due to its superfast re-cocking time you can create a close following pair by holding down the fire button. It also has the ability to entertain multiple shooters, as it can fire 6 clays into the air before the first one hits the ground!

It is easy to alter between standard and midi clays by simply changing the hopper, which is achieved by unscrewing three wingnuts and takes about 30 seconds. Height adjustments are made just as easily with a quick release handle and allows you to elevate the trap to springing teal (75°)

When paired with a mini barrow the Supermatch 1 is light weight and portable and can be lifted by one person into most vehicles. For use over rough terrain please explore our other heavy duty barrows. As with all Bowman traps it is very user friendly, no spanners are required to alter the elevation or spring tension.

Mini and battue conversion kits available to make the Supermatch 1 even more versatile!

What You Receive

  • 1 x Bowman Supermatch One
  • Two easily interchangeable hoppers, one for Standards and one for Midi’s
  • 50-meter push button release cable
  • Safety ring
  • spares package
  • Barrow NOT included
  • 3-year warranty

Optional Add-Ons


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