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Tempest DTL

  • The most powerful trap on the market!
  • 200m + throw
  • 122mph Midi clays
  • 2 x red/yellow springs
  • New innovative technology
  • Big Foot DTL Trailer
  • Traps can be linked and towed in a line.
  • 300 clay capacity
  • Re-cocking time of 2.5 seconds
  • Elevation up to 75-degree springing teal
  • Automatic Left to right movement
  • Tilt 40° left and right (fast adjustment – no spanners)
  • High tensile aluminium frame reduces clay breakage
  • To be used with wireless radio (not included)

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The Storm Is Upon Us …

New for 2023, the Tempest is our most powerful trap yet; in fact we believe it to be the most powerful trap on the market!

This dedicated midi trap, capable of throwing a 200m+ clay sends them out at 121mph! This is achieved by putting two of our strongest springs side by side. The raw power generated from the springs is too much for a clay to withstand through our original Supermatch 8 trap, therefore it was given a massive upgrade and became the Tempest. Over years, our engineers implemented new designs to tame the power and reach a point where we are able to throw a consistent clay.

Kitted out with cutting edge technology the tempest has:

  • A re-designed carousel with stainless steel inserts to protect the clays from excess vibration.
  • A larger skid plate and throwing arm with counterbalance to smoothen the arms action.
  • A three stage planetary gearbox.
  • Upgraded cap head, jaff and tension handle assembly.
  • Strengthened pusher bar assembly.

Feedback from the Tempest has been fantastic – no one has seen a clay like this!

No stalling over the guns and providing spectacular visuals in the air, the clays from this machine never fail to impress and are the most challenging shot anyone has experienced.

In Sporting DTL form, the Tempest can be incorporated into a flush sequence or operated on a single wireless radio. (Radio not included) The base includes a timer interrupter switch which, when activated moves the trap left to right with random pauses. A midi from the tempest will power through the shooting line providing a mixture of clays at varying pace for the guns to practice their lead.

What You Receive

Tempest on Big Foot DTL Barrow

1 x safety ring

1 x 110 amp hour battery

3 – year warranty

Optional Add-Ons