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Tilt Base

£110.00 (+VAT)

  • Convert standard traps into tilting
  • 40 Degrees Left to right
  • Easy lever handles for quick adjustments


Tilt bases are supplied with our Supermatch 6 and 8 traps as standard, including all variants. For Example: Battue, Upside down etc…

They allow you to tilt your trap 40 degrees right or left. Operation is quick and simple with the use of a quick release lever & plunger.

If you have a Bowman Supermatch 6 or 8 with a standard base, this is a great purchase to really open your traps potential. Supplied with brushes so your clay stays in the right place while you tilt your trap to extreme angles!


What You Receive

  • Tilt Base
  • Brushes for skid plate

Optional Add-Ons



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