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Wild Rabbit

  • Multi-clay
  • 300 Capacity
  • Includes 3 Inserts of choice
  • Target path varies
  • Rabbit / Loopers or a mixture of both
  • Compact DTL Base
  • Simulated Game Drives
  • Home Use

Barrow Upgrade

  • We recommended upgrading to a Big Foot Barrow if towing over rough terrain.

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The Bowman Wild Rabbit will take your experience of shooting rabbit targets to a whole new level! Guns will have to consider altering their lead with this ultra real presentation of rabbit clays that will come from different directions.

Combining our Compact Rabbit Multi-Clay with a Compact DTL Base gives this machine even more versatility. Now, not only will this machine throw rabbits, loopers or a mixture of everything, the targets will not be from a fixed angle!

Excellent for home use and simulated game drives.

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What You Receive

1 x Compact Rabbit Chondel Multi clay

3 x Midi Inserts

Compact DTL Base

Quad Barrow / Big Foot Barrow (dependent on choice)

Optional Add-Ons


Compact Rabbit Chondel Multi-Clay


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