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An afternoon field testing with the Tempest

We were curious to know the power difference between the Tempest and our standard Supermatch 8. The SPM8 has been in production for 20+ years and has always been considered a powerful trap used by many simulated shoots all across the UK. We discovered that standard clays came off the arm at 94mph and the midis hit 102mph. This highlights the how our Multi-Clay machines throw such interesting targets because they fly through the air at varying speed, replicating game so well.

Before we gunned the Tempest Andrew and I speculated at the speed and had both predicted higher than the actual outcome. The result was 121mph for a midi clay! We thought with double the springs the output would be higher however, what we hadn’t factored was at top speed, wind resistance (drag) becomes a higher factor than at lower speeds. In realisation of this an extra 20mph is a huge achievement which is currently unrivalled by any other manufacturer.