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Quidenham Clay and Game – UK

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Bowman at Quidenham

The Quidenham shoot uses our powerful Supermatch 8’s, mounted on sturdy tilt and turn bases. The traps can be manually elevated up to 75 degrees, tilt 40 degrees left or right and rotate 360 degrees on the base. All this can be achieved without spanners using our quick lock handles. These bases are easily fixed onto steel frames the shoot can lift with telehandlers to create driven game targets.

What is on offer at Quidenham’s?

Quidenham Estate in Norfolk is an historic and renowned shoot and was one of King Edward VII’s favourites. The estate covers 3,600 acres including 500 acres of mature woodland and with over forty high quality drives.

Quidenham Driven Game and Simulated Game Shooting was founded by Philip Thorrold and his daughter Jessica Thorrold. This shoot was created to welcome more people into the world of Traditional Game Shooting.

By alternating between Driven Game and Simulated Game drives we can deliver a more varied and reliable day’s shooting at a lower cost than a full driven game day.

There is no pressure as nobody is looking to kill birds simply for numbers and it’s a great way for less experienced guns to learn the shooting etiquette, from drawing pegs and identifying your bird from your neighbours, to what’s a good sporting shot and what’s not. We wanted to create something for everyone.

What they had to say about Bowmans

“Using Bowman’s Supermatch 8’s on tilt and turn bases we have developed our own system with custom telehandler mounts allowing us to accurately simulate the flight paths of driven game. We can only achieve this using Bowman due to the engineering and build quality of the clay traps. This allows us to go over rough terrain without the traps getting damaged in the process.”