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It’s the Festive Season!

At Bowman, we decided to put our Christmas offers out early, giving you plenty of time to get prepared for the holidays. 

Our offers start from the 01.12.21 and go through until the 15.01.22, giving the New Years spenders a chance to get in on the action too! Pre-Orders are available and can be made by calling the Bowman Office on 01777 870 243.

Down to the nitty gritty 

This year we’re giving away £100 worth of accessories with the purchase of our two most popular traps for home use, the Supermatch 1 and Compact 150! Both of these traps are a fantastic choice for people who are serious about their clay shooting… and here’s why…

We are a British manufacturer with a passion for Clay Target Launchers!  Every machine we make, from the smallest to the largest, we do with attention to detail in our Nottinghamshire factory. Our family is proud to have built a reputation for producing quality products and we hope this gives you the confidence to make a purchase knowing your in safe hands.

The Supermatch 1 and Compact 150 have been designed with premium components which give them longevity and reliability. A good proportion of the cost is spent on the motor and gearbox which have been tried and tested over many years and sourced from manufacturers in the UK. The main frame of our traps, being either high tensile cast aluminium or steel is appropriate to withstand the rigours of firing clay pigeons over time and reduces clay breakages giving the ultimate experience for clay pigeon shooting. 

We offer a 3 year warranty and provide a high standard of aftercare. Our traps will be delivered by a 24hr overnight courier and require minimum assembly before they are ready to use, however, If you would like delivery with demonstration, this can be arranged. We can also provide clay pigeons and batteries when we deliver personally.

Both traps replicate most targets encountered at clay grounds and throw distances of 80m+. Adjustments including elevation and spring tension can all be made without use of tools making our traps very user friendly.

Our traps are designed to be truly versatile. For each machine, there are additional purchases available which, can be added at any time, to change the style of shooting which will continually challenge the shooter as they progress. These include wireless radios, flush radios, movement bases and conversion kits to accommodate different clay sizes. 

To discover more about the Supermatch 1 and Compact 150 please click on their individual links below.

We hope to hear from you soon,

and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

from the Team at Bowman Traps. 



Supermatch 1

£820.00 (+VAT)

Compact 150

£990.00 (+VAT)

  • Bowman Christmas 2021 offers begin at 00.00 on the 01.12.2021 and finish at 23.59pm on the 15.01.2022.
  • Customers wishing to purchase a more expensive barrow for their machine can have the amount of £67.00 (+VAT) discounted off the cost of another barrow.
  • Their is NOT an option to have the monetary value of the free gifts taken off the overall cost of the trap. 
  • Postage of the Supermatch 1 and Compact 150 is £20.00 (+VAT).
  • Delivery by a Bowman Employee, including demonstration will be an additional cost quoted at the point of sale. 
  • Bowmans advise reading the assembly and safety instructions provided before operating the trap and insist on the use of the safety ring provided.
  • Children should be supervised at all times when using a Clay pigeon Trap.