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The Driven Clay Company – UK

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Bowman at DCC

Chris uses our powerful Supermatch 8 multi-clay traps to run his simulated days. Chris has the traps mounted onto oscillating bases, with a reduced size carousel.

Chris has bespoke quad barrows that we designed specifically so he could fit his traps into a trailer for taking his kit on the road. This is an extremely versatile set up. Having the ability to switch clay sizes lets the Driven Clay Company tailor the level of difficulty for their clients and recreate a wide variety of game bird presentations.

What is on offer at DDC?

We are a small, boutique company that specialise in simulated game shooting that host events over 12 months of the year across our estates in Lancashire. We boast 9 different locations and over 60 drives across our portfolio. We are the closest thing to driven game shooting.

Shooting in the heart of the countryside, Driven Clay Company pride ourselves on shooting within natural beauty. We don’t have permanent pegs, a club house or toilet block on site. We have no site… we rove across 8000 acres of moorland pegging drives out in the best possible locations. Don’t be surprised if we stand you within an old ruin, a reed or river bed or in the depths of a valley for hellishly high pheasants, in a wood or beyond the crest of a hill. Effort and creativity is something we do not lack.

Our pegs consist of a thumb stick peg in the ground to hand your jacket and cartridge bag on and a flexible bucket for your empties. We ensure the access to pegs is as easy as possible and offer a cartridge delivery service to your peg to help ease the weight!

We build bespoke experiences to suit your needs, from a small 7 gun teams through to a 21 man event.

Shotgun safety, Safety officer and Lantra loader qualified as a minimum, we are sure to deliver you a safe, exciting simulated game event.

What they had to say about Bowmans

“As I had never bought a single trap before, I was totally unprepared for procuring a set up that was affordable, reliable and delivered expectations.

After researching the market, I decided to give Andrew a call from Bowman Traps. Without any promise of an order, Andrew was willing to invest the time into me, my company and establish what I wanted to achieve, and ultimately, how Bowmans could fill this void.

Dealing with a family company and being able to speak to the man that builds the traps on the shop floor was a fantastic experience. No question was out of the question. Bowman’s sales and after sales have been exemplary. A certain recommendation from me.

My traps are built to a bespoke size, so they interlink seamlessly when stored. The power and reliability from all five of our Supermatch 8’s is outstanding. We have five oscillating traps with 150 stacks, midi inserts sat on quad bases that link up.”