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“The storm is upon us!”

Everything you need to know about Simulated Games newest trap


Our Supermatch 8 has always been known as the most powerful trap on the market, throwing a 150m clay, it’s given our traps a leading edge for simulated game and has proven to be very popular in Flurry Master and Big Foot DTL forms. The Super 8, in its various forms, is used by shoots all over the UK.

That being said, we still had an urge to create an extremely powerful trap, to push the boundaries which, ultimately led to the creation of the Tempest.

Three years ago, we set about the task and placed two of our strongest springs side by side on a Supermatch 8 trap which, resulted in … a lot of damage! Bolts sheared off and the gears in the gearbox were stripped down – not the best start!

Since then, Andrew and the team at Bowman have put in a lot of work to overcome these obstacles. Noticeable changes to the Tempest include:


  • A new carousel design which, includes stainless steel inserts that ‘hug’ the clays and prevent damage in the carousel.
  • A larger main plate, allowing for a longer arm which features a counterweight to help smooth its action as the spring tension is released.
  • New rubber and rail.
  • A spring-loaded skid plate.
  • Torsion spring replacing the tilt brush on the skid plate.
  • Upgraded carousel pusher bar.
  • Upgraded bolt sizes.
  • 3-stage planetary gear box with heavy duty gearing.


As you can see a lot of thought went into re-designing our standard model to accommodate the power. We are very pleased with the final product and the consistently of the clays.

Due to the force generated in the arm, the trap is dedicated to midis, which have a tougher composition. Midis are a fantastic target, they cut through the air nicely, so this works well for simulated game. The tempest will throw a midi 200m plus!


To quantify the extra power coming from the tempest, we purchased a speed gun and took it on a test session. We recorded the speeds coming from a Super 8 Flurry Master and compared it to a Tempest Flurry Master.

To our surprise, our Supermatch 8 model was putting out midi clays at over 100mph, 101 to be exact and standard clays to 95mph! Who knew we had been sending out 100+ mph clays for so long! Other trap manufacturers have only just released a trap capable of hitting the 100mph mark, so to say we have been doing it for many years is great.

It gets better! The tempest recorded midi’s at 121mph! An astonishing increase compared to what is available on the market currently and quite possibly the most powerful trap in existence?!

So, what can you do with all this extra power?

Essentially, the Tempest was designed to complement our existing Supermatch 8 models by providing new and never seen targets to take simulated game to the next level.

It’s at its most impressive when it’s side by side with one of our Super 8 traps. Observed like this, you can fully appreciate the extra power and speed in the clays coming from the Tempest.

Even with a head start, the Tempest clays catch up and overtake the ones coming from the super 8 which, adds to the realism of the simulation.

The Tempest clays can fly higher and faster to create extreme targets that will satisfy even the most accomplished shooters.

It opens opportunities for new drives with the ability to reach the shooting line from areas that were previously impossible.

Shoots that have purchased the Tempest have been able to create competition drives, with a crossing target that’s able to entertain 6 guns, all of which get a chance to shoot at the same clay! Get a prize ready, because whoever hits a crosser from the tempest deserves full kudos, as it’s no easy feat!

Want a demo?

Register your interest through the website via this link:

Request a Demonstration from the Team at – Bowman Traps

Or telephone on 01777 870 243

Our sales team are experts in simulated game and will advise you on the best set-up for your specific needs.

Please note:

The Tempest is extremely powerful and should only be operated by someone with good, sound knowledge of clay pigeon traps. We advise the safety ring provided is fitted and always used.

The clays from this trap are extreme. It’s not advised to purchase and run a full simulated day with Tempests alone. The tempest is best purchased in addition to our Super 8 models, The Flurry Master, or Big Foot DTL. These models have the perfect combination of power and re-loading speed to host a simulated day with the Tempest enhancing the experience.

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