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The Compact 150


Our Compact 150 is great value for a carousel trap. We’re able to offer such a good price point due to using a steel frame for the main body. We use strengthening brackets to ensure that the frame remains sturdy and stands the test of time. 

Paired with a yellow spring, throwing standard clays to 85m and midi’s to 95, the Compact 150 has proven itself to be to be a very reliable trap which throws a fantastic variety of sporting targets, perfect for home use and much more. 

The Compact 150 is Popular for home use, and also a firm favourite with coaches and clubs.

Michael Coates Shooting, owns a fantastic company based in the Lake District and hosts outdoor based activities. Michael uses our Compact 150’s to offer clay shooting experiences for beginners, experienced shots and corporate events … here’s what he had to say about its performance.

“A fantastic machine! It’s small and compact, we can easily loads 4-5 machines into a small trailer. The trailer is easy to move around and will travel across awkward ground because they are light. We have the 150’s mounted on low profile barrows which pull nicely, even across boggy ground. With a 150 clay capacity and wireless remote, they are more than capable of running our big events. Working with lower powered springs makes it easy to target specific drop areas and keep our land owners happy; if we need to, we can chock a wheel up and get lovely curling targets. It’s Robust, looks the part and with the personal back up service we happily recommend Bowman to all of our customers.”

Technical Spec

The Compact 150 features a heavy-duty motor and gearbox and hard wired circuitry, protected by a 20amp thermal overload. It comes supplied with a 50m cable with push button release, safety ring and 3-year warranty. The safety ring is an important feature and helps to keep everyone safe. The user manual gives full instruction on how to assemble and use the machine safely.

It can be chosen as either a dedicated standard or midi trap, which can hold (you guessed it) 150 clays! An ideal amount for larger groups, reducing the need to refill. The knives are adjustable so with the purchase of an extra carousel it’s possible to switch from standard to midi clays, perfect as you become more accomplished in your shooting.

The trap re-cycles every 1.5 seconds and has no problem firing out clays at a fast rate. The Compact 150 can put on a fast following pair with ease and replicate a range of targets you would typically encounter at the clay ground!

As with all our automatic traps, the Compact 150 doesn’t require any spanners to adjust the height or spring tension; we use simple lever lock handles. This model also has full elevation from horizontal to springing teal at 75 degrees.


The Compact 150 requires minimal set-up and delivery starts from £20.00 (+VAT). 

We also offer a complete delivery service, fulfilled by ourselves. With this delivery you can order extras such as batteries, clays and get a demonstration on the use of the trap.

To ensure our trap remains versatile and continues to entertain, it can be paired with the following optional extras, all of which can be added to the trap at any time.

Click below to see the product pages for the Compact 150. As a bundle, paired with the oscillating base, it transforms from a fixed target machine into a trap which can entertain multiple guns. 


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Oscillating DTL Base
Sporting 1 radio
Quad barrow

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