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The Supermatch 1


The SPM1 is our entry level automatic trap, but, by no means is it basic! To our knowledge, the SPM1 is the ONLY single stack automatic on the market that has a high tensile cast aluminium frame , making it the most reliable entry level trap on the market.

The superior frame is equivalent to our commercial grade machines which, is becoming rarer amongst other brands who are opting to use folded steel frames across their range. High Tensile Aluminium absorbs vibrations from the main spring, resulting in less broken clays.. To this point, the SPM1 is not only purchased for personal use but is also favoured amongst local Sunday shoots because of its well known build quality.

An example of this is F&F Gun Club, who, over a period of time, purchased 5 of our SPM1 machines and had this to say about their performance:

“Amazing service, Melanie, Nick and the team have really looked after us in last 6 months, Nick spent time on the phone when we first called to explain things in detail which resulted in ordering a Supermatch 1. Our members were so impressed with the quality and performance they have supported our fairly small club with donations to get further traps and we’ve just ordered 2 more taking us up to 5. Nick even arrange a slightly customised trolley. Every email or call is friendly and supportive, great family run business that clearly values every customer large or small and nothing is too much trouble. Looking forward to expanding our collection when funds allow”.

The SPM1 has a heavy-duty motor and gearbox, an integral component we are unwilling to compromise on, which allows us to confidently offer 3-years warranty. The trap also comes with a hard wired circuitry, protected by a 30-amp fuse.

Now onto the fun stuff….

The SPM1 comes with 2 hoppers, so you can switch between practising with standard and midi clays. The stack can hold 65 clays and can be extended to 100 by adding the hopper extension and support bar.

It fires a standard clay 80m which is a great distance considering most sporting targets will be taken anywhere between 15-45m. This means you can entertain yourself with a wide range of targets from going away, incoming, crossing and quartering.

The trap re-cycles every 0.9 seconds and has no problem firing out clays at a superfast rate. The SPM1 can put on a fast following pair with ease and if you hold the fire button down continuously you get a rapid 6, with the 6th clay getting in the air before the first one hits the ground!

As with all our automatic traps, the SPM1 doesn’t require any spanners to adjust the height or spring tension; we use simple lever lock handles. The best part of all, our entry level model has full elevation from horizontal to springing teal at 75 degrees.


The SPM1 requires minimal set-up on delivery which, starts from £20.00 (+VAT). Included in the package you will also receive a safety ring and 50m cable with a push button release. The safety ring is an important feature and helps to keep everyone safe. The user manual comes with full instruction on how to assemble and use the machine safely.

We also offer a complete delivery service, fulfilled by ourselves. With this delivery you can order extras such as batteries, clays and get a demonstration on the use of the trap.

In our opinion, the SPM1 represents great value for money.

To ensure our trap remains versatile and continues to entertain, it can be paired with the following optional extras, all of which can be added to the trap at any time.

As a bundle, paired with the oscillating base, the SPM1 transforms from a fixed target machine into a trap which can entertain multiple guns. 



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Oscillating DTL Base
Mini Clay conversion kit
Battue clay conversion kit
Sporting 1 radio
Quad barrow

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