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Why Bowman Traps?

As you can see from the rich shooting History at Bowmans, our Managing director and Designer of Bowman traps has been making traps and shooting since he was a young boy. Heavily influenced by his father, Andrew only had one concept in mind for our automatic range and that was to build the strongest most reliable traps on the market. Here at Bowman, we are engineers at heart, our traps are designed to perform and built to last.

Family Values

As a family business, our customers are extremely important to us. It’s fantastic to be a part of the shooting community and we take immense pride in providing excellent customer service. We like having a close relationship with our customers which we feel is the best way to conduct business.

Bowman traps was established in 1966, making manual clay traps that are still being used today across homes and shooting grounds all over the world. We have over 50 years expertise in building machines that throw consistent and reliable targets.

All Bowman traps are made at our factory in East Markham Nottinghamshire. We make our components onsite to ensure the quality of Bowman traps remains the highest it possibly can. Having the skill and ability to design and manufacture gives our traps the edge! Over 50 years of experience and feedback has moulded our traps into the most reliable traps on the market.

We pride ourselves on producing a high-quality product that has been designed and manufactured in the UK. We have built our brand to be synonymous with quality; therefore, we confidently offer 3-year warranty on ALL of our automatic traps!

The main frame of our traps in the Supermatch Range are made from a high tensile aluminium casting. Other traps we produce are made from quality British steel that is an appropriate thickness to endure the test of time. The strong foundations of our traps ensure that vibrations are absorbed, meaning clay breakages are reduced.


Simple but hugely effective our carousels have domed rod ends. These help with the smooth and quick loading of clays. Because we use steel tubing, our carousels and overall trap weights are lighter meaning easier movement and lifting. Our carousels are plated to prevent rusting.

We manufacture our own carousels therefore; we can tailor our designs to any request. 

The entire Bowman range has been designed so adjustment of elevation, tilt and spring tension are done with levers. No spanners are required, and adjustments can be made in seconds!

Setting different targets and trajectories couldn’t be simpler, our traps offer elevation up to 75 degrees (springing teal) and can tilt 40 degrees left and right.

Our wiring is very user friendly and simple to understand. Your motor will be protected by a blade fuse or thermal overload switch. 

Quote by John Clements of South Worcester Shooting Ground: “A switch fuse and a heavy-duty relay keep the electrics simple and easy to maintain, you have to wonder why anyone makes them more complicated”

Our multi-clay traps are revolutionising clay pigeon shooting. You get more versatility and the ability to change targets effortlessly with a cost-effective solution. Different clays sizes behave differently in the air providing a more real experience for simulated game.

Our multi-clay traps have been in production for over 5 years and are used at well-respected shooting grounds and clubs worldwide.


We use our own specially designed female duraplug for the best connection possible to your trap release system. They brass connectors have been coated with nickel plating for longevity and are fitted with a spring clip for a positive connection. Our plug is compatible with all 3 pin type duraplugs. 

Adjusting tension on a powerful spring can be tough, seeking to improve our customer experience we added an M12 thrust washer to make this task easier. The improvement was so successful we have added it to most of the traps in our range! Through listening to our customers and analysing our products we are continually striving for excellence.

We throw the furthest clay on the market!

With the ability to throw a clay 150 metres our larger Supermatch 8 is the best choice for simulated game!

See our ‘In the Field’ section for simulated clay companies that use our Supermatch 8’s including Raisethorpe Flyers. We have the largest variety of simulated traps to offer – there is something to suit everybody.

We design and manufacture our traps at our factory in Nottinghamshire. We fabricate our own barrows, bases and make many of the trap components ourselves. This gives us the ability to undertake bespoke work for our customers who are looking for something a little different. Check out some of our bespoke designs in our photo gallery.


Our aim is to build sturdy, reliable traps that require minimal servicing. However if you would like support, be it one off maintenance or annual servicing then we have a dedicated team on hand to help you. 

There’s a lot to consider when buying a trap. At Bowman’s we know that your time is very important, that’s why we offer a full ‘Turnkey Solution’ to your purchasing.

We can deliver your traps personally, fully assembled, including batteries and clay pigeons and give a full demonstration at your home. Conditions apply – just call our office to discuss.

We stock all spares and accessories at our factory.

If you can’t find the item your looking for please call our office number on 01777 870243.

Items can be dispatched on the same or next day for 24 hr delivery service.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

We have spent over 50 years building our reputation in the shooting community. We take time to look after our customers and ensure they have a positive experience with Bowman.

Check out the shooting forums and our social media pages, we have a loyal customer base who appreciate our prompt service and reliable products.